TreatBox: Holiday Edition with Kono's Beef & Beef Liver


You do so much for your dog the entire year that it's time for you to treat yourself! Kono's TreatBox: Holiday Edition is the perfect gift for yourself or another dog parent that deserves to treat themselves this holiday season!

Okay, so only half of the box is for you, but let's be honest....50% of the treats is probably more than we're used to getting.

We've partnered with a few of our favorite women of color-owned brands to bring you Kono's TreatBox: Holiday Edition with Kono's Beef & Beef Liver, which includes:

    • 1 Bag of Kono's Kitchen Beef & Beef Liver treats. Keep your dog distracted while you enjoy your own goodies.

    • 1 Amani Sand Dog Squeaky Toy by The Foggy Dog. A beautiful and durable eco-friendly squeaky toy that you could just keep for yourself as a decorative piece. Your dog's got enough toys anyway.

    • 1 Bamboo Lyocell & Lavender Eye Pillow by ettitude. This eye pillow is hypoallergenic & made of sustainable materials, and putting it on magically cloaks you from any dog parent responsibilities.

    • 1 Silver Lining Coconut Wax Candle (8oz) by Copper Wings Candle Co. Made with scents of lavender, lemon & eucalyptus, this wooden wick candle burns for up to 4 hours at a time and is best enjoyed in a bubble bath at least 50 feet away from your dog.

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