In December of 2018, I rescued my first dog, an American Staffy mix named Kono, and I dove headfirst into my new role as a dog mom. I discovered the raw food diet, and while I wanted to feed Kono as healthy as possible, a fresh raw diet wasn't convenient at the time as we were always out and about.

While Kono's now on a raw diet, it's not always easy to travel with his meals, and I recognize that the time and money it takes to prepare days worth of meals that take up all your freezer space can be overwhelming.

My mission is to make products that empower pet parents to build deeper connections with their pets, while giving back to help rescue pups get the medical care they need.

Michelle Chu
Kono's Mom & Founder of Kono's Kitchen


It's hard to find products you trust with ingredients you can pronounce. We're aiming to provide both.

Our pets bring us SO MUCH JOY. The least we can do is feed them right so they can live longer and healthier lives.

Diversity & Inclusion
As a company, we're committed to:
— Supporting POC & female-owned businesses.
— Educating ourselves & creating an anti-racist culture.
— Building a diverse team that recognizes and celebrates our differences.

We don't presume to know best and we're constantly striving to be better based on your feedback.

Giving Back
In case you can't tell by now, giving back to rescue pups is kind of important to us.


At Kono's Kitchen, our mission is to build a community of imperfect pet parents and support you through your training and nutritional journeys. We want to make healthy, single-ingredient treats that your dogs go crazy for. Our mantra "Eat Healthy. Give Healthy." reminds us that we're working alongside you not only to improve your dog's health, but to improve the health of rescue pups in need.

As a company, we're committed to giving 10% of all profits back to the medical costs of rescue pups, volunteering our time with our partner organizations, and ending breed discrimination one wiggly butt at a time.