Where do you source your meat from?

Our meat is all packaged and sourced in the USA from various farms, and our salmon is from the North Atlantic region.

Cool, so you donate 10% of profits to the medical needs of rescue pups. What else do you do to support them?

We donate our time to volunteer with rescue organizations, doing everything from taking dogs out for walks to working behind the scenes at various events.

Do you have a rewards program for loyal customers such as myself?

We get it, our eternal appreciation isn't the same as discounts and free treats. Check out the Rewards widget on the bottom right of our site and sign in with your Kono's Kitchen login to earn Pack Points towards exclusive rewards!

What's the shelf life on your treats?

You can keep our treats in your pantry for up to 18 months, but your dog will be pretty upset you haven't taken them out in all that time. Once the bag is opened, we recommend using the treats within 30 days.

My pet's watching their figure. How many calories are in the treats?

Our Beef & Beef Liver treats are 107 kcal / oz, or about 428 kcal per bag (4 oz). Our Chicken & Chicken Liver treats are 98.5 kcal / oz, or about 394 kcal per bag (4 oz). And our Salmon treats are 105.5 kcal / oz, or about 422 kcal per bag (4 oz).

Mixed tocopherols? Preservatives? What the hell?

Have you ever stuck your hand in a treat pouch only to find moldy treats? We have. It's the worst. While our treats are made of a single protein, we use mixed tocopherols, a type of E Vitamins, as a natural preservative. They work by keeping fats from getting oxidized and keeping the treats from becoming rancid!

My dog can't wait! How long will it take for the treats to be delivered?

Your order will usually ship out the business day after you've placed your order and take about 4-6 days to arrive.